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8 of The Best Kawasaki Bikes of All Time

While a lot of people have their list of favorite Kawasaki bikes, there’s bound to be an overlap somewhere. And not everyone will ever agree on what we consider to be the best bikes from Kawasaki, they may see why we’ve included them on this specific list.

Join us as we take a walk through the time machine and look back on some of the best bikes that came from Kawasaki.

#1: Z1

Number one on our list is the Z1. Not only was it a fantastic bike that outperformed others, it is proof that Kawasaki has always been one step ahead of their competitors when it comes to ultimate performance and design.

#2: Ninja H2

This four-cylinder liter bike from Kawasaki makes it to spot number two on our countdown. There’s no arguing that the Ninja H2R will become a collectable in years to come.

#3: GPZ900R

At number three on our list we have none other than the GPZ900R which hit the scene in the 80s. Known for its magnificent power, this model was considered the best superbike of the 80s.

#4: H2 Mach IV

In 1971 the 74-horse power bike was in any measure a great bike to own. It might not sound impressive in todays’ terms, but the H2 Mach IV deserves a spot on this list and is an iconic Kawasaki bike.

#5: H1 Mach III

These three cylinders, 499cc, two-stroke gem hits our list on the number five spot. It’s an iconic classic from Kawasaki. While the overall performance and handling wasn’t great, it remains a classic.

#6: KR1-S

In the 90s the KR1-S was the fastest two-stroke sports bike to hit the market. These bikes might have been a bit fragile, but it stands out from the crowd regarding handling and speed.

#7: GPz750 Turbo

The GPz750 Turbo gets a place on the list because it was a first in technological advancement. The monster bike featured fuel injection and a turbo to boost the 750cc motor.

#8: ZXR750

And last, we have the ZXR750, which set the pace for sports bikes in 2003. Kawasaki has always been ahead of the game, as was the case with the monstrous power-packed ZXR750.

Do you agree with the bikes we have listed here? Which bike would you rather include, and which ones would you remove? It’s clear to see that Kawasaki has always been innovators in the realm of designing bikes that’s not only pleasing to look at, but exhilarating to drive.

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